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Homemade Gin Basil

My special love affair with Gin Basil started 6 months ago when I finally gave it a try after ignoring it for the best part of a year thinking I wouldn't like basil in a drink. How wrong I was. Ever since, Gin Basil has been an all time favourite. 
So I decided to introduce the drink to my family as well.

I made mine with basil syrup (instead of cane sugar and fresh basil leaves which is also an option) because I thought the syrup would also be a cute present

  • 250ml Water
  • 250gr Cane Sugar
  • Lots and lots of fresh basil leaves (the more the tastier)
  • leave to thicken at a moderate temperature for about 30-45 minutes 

I made a bit more for future enjoyment ;)
Now all you need to do is add together 2cl syrup, 2cl lemon juice, 1cl gin. Shake well and pour over ice in a tumbler of your choice.

This was my result:

Enjoy with friends and family!


Lunch with my mum / Foodie Blogpost #2

I recently finished a PR internship in Munich. I was there for 6 months and always happy to see some familiar faces. So my mum came to visit me for lunch (she was there for a quick visit and back home the same day).

We went to a picturesque little place called ELLA at Munich's Königsplatz.
While I was mainly there for the company (obviously), lunch was fantastic as well.

This was the speciatly of the day. Followed by the even more beautiful desert (almost too pretty to eat):

Also visible are my favourite new sunglasses, which I got off Zalando.

Have a spectacular and sunny day