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Things I love - hair edition

Bamboo Smooth Anti Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray

Bit of a mouthful that. But once you get your tongue back under control it really is a wonderful product. At one point I thought I could live without it and set out to buy cheaper alternatives. What a mistake. It did not work out. All the other heat-protectants only reminded me why I love this product so much: It does not make your hair a sticky mess, it does not weigh your hair down (my hair is on the finer side, so weighing it down is an absolute no-no...unless I want to look about 30 years older and tired. For some reason it doesn't really happen). 

It is also still (sort of) affordable. Especially considering that it really lasts a long time. This is my second bottle in about 3 years. Admittedly, like I said I was unfaithful and bought some other products in between, but I did not finish them and returned shame-faced. So I would estimate that you get about a year worth of use out of one bottle of this protectant. It costs €21,99 on Amazon which I think is okay-ish.

This is also a sustainable product, the packaging is recyclable and the brand Alterna do not test on animals. The product is also free of parabens, gluten (which I find a bit odd but they list it and so I included it in this list), sodium chloride, phthalates (another mouthful here) and synthetic colour.

If codecheck is your thing you can check out what they say about his product here. It has mainly 'good' (as in approved) ingredients, but this could be important for some people.

I use this about 3 times a week and it really has made a difference. I'm trying to get my hair to mid-back/waist length and breakage just does not help at all. With all the other products I did not notice any difference, if at all they made the breakage worse (for whatever reason).

This product just ticks all my boxes. For me this is a 10/10.

Have a good day


Random Foodie Blogpost #1

I thought I should make this a category. (I have some others planned as well, I thought it might help me structure in my mind what I want on this blog. It might also make it a bit more interesting as well, because it will be less of a random blurb.) But because I quite like a fair amount of random-ness, this category shall be named:

Random Foodie Blogpost, or RFB for short.

Technically, this is not the first RFB, but as I just made up this new and exciting category let's just start from here.

Today’s RFB is about dinner in the Oberländer Weinstube in Karlsruhe. It is a rather old fashioned restaurant which can feed around 30 hungry people. The interior is also stuck in time, which gives the restaurant quite a cosy atmosphere. This is not a place to go to for a quick bite. Rather, you should pick this place if you want food that is traditional yet innovative and presented lovingly. They also have a wide variety of wines.

Let's have a look at the food then (sadly still sans good camera, the inner paparazza still needs to learn a lot, it seems)

 The menu in old lettering, giving you an idea of what the restaurant is about. I opted for rosé and I love how they presented it. This is what it came in, apprently this is called a stein or bellarmine (referring to the jug btw):

I thought this was hilarious. It literally says "drink wine from stone like your fathers did". It rhymes in German which really improves the humour. A nice touch in any case.

The amuse-bouche 

  My starter.

The starter I was quite jealous of.

The main course. This was pretty fantastic (not that the other courses weren't).

And Crème Brûlée for desert.

I loved how much care they put into the presentation of the food, it really makes you feel so much more civilised about having wine and (too much) food.

So we have come to the end of the first RFB and I made myself hungry again by looking at all of these photos. Off to have some more (slightly less impressive) food.


La Villetta

On Thursday I was invited to a birthday party. We had some pretty spectacular food and I unleashed the inner paparazza. Not a well prepared papparaza, though: I was in a bit of a hurry and managed to leave everything but the phone at home, so phone photos it was. In a way that was a good thing too because it is a lot less inconspicuous! So here you go, my sneaked in photos.
I think I will just let them speak for themselves:

and then I somehow ended up with this:

I even took a better quality photo to show my appreciation.

Whising you all lots of good food! Have a tasty weekend


Personal Pampering

I popped into my local drugstore today and got all of these goodies

/Kleiner Ausflug in den DM

 look at that pretty bottle: 

Aaand the personal favourite:

 This is apparently a limited edition

Love the name dress to kilt

 This is me wearing it by the way, I just couldn't resist ♥


Breakfast Oopsie

I wasn't going to share this's just breakfast, it does get old. But then disaster struck (I may or may not be exaggerating) ...but let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Have a look at my lovely little breakfast-spread (pre-disaster):


Improvised Indian

 I love a good curry (in fact, I think have have curry at least once a week). No rice with this as I put in some potatoes. As a side dish I also heated up some pita bread (no naan sadly). Quite the tasty affair if I do say so myself. You could probably have this without the carby additions and make it a low-carb dish, the curry is quite flavourful and the veggies and lean meat are plentiful enough to fill you up.

Bon appetit!

 And another one with a close up

/Curry ist einfach eins der besten Essen.


Just your regular evening in

...with a bath. Seriously though, I needed something relaxing today after having spent an eternity writing my paper. Have a good night everyone!

/...und ein Bad. Nach dem anstrengend Tag, an dem ich hardcore an meiner Hausarbeit gearbeitet habe, brauchte ich noch was entspannendes. Habt einen schönen Abend!

Saturday Inspiration

Or hair-inspiration I should say: I took this to my hairdresser the other day. (After a traumatising experience in the past I never go there without actual examples of what I want.) Thought I'd share this with you. To not just randomly nick and show these photos, this is the beautiful Natasha Oakley, whose style I also adore (also her lifestyle of travelling the world!)

/ Haarinspiration? Jedenfalls kam diese Kollage mit mir zum Friseur, da ich nach einer traumatisierenden Episode nicht mehr ohne Beispielbilder hingehe. Es handelt sich um Natasha Oakley, deren Stil ich (neben den Haaren ;) )auch toll finde. (Außerdem bereist sie die Welt, wer würde das nicht auch gerne tun!)

Without further ado:


Good Morning!

Waking up to this really makes up for getting up at an ungodly hour to finish a term paper. Also some healthy breakfast with Chia pudding, red beet juice and toast (almost healthy that one ;) ) Have a good day! ♥

/ Dieser Ausblick nach dem Aufstehen macht die frühe Qual schon fast wieder wett. Außerdem ein gesundes Frühstück mit Chiapudding, Rote Beete Saft und Toast (immerhin mit Tomate ;) ) Schönen Tag! ♥


Healthy Dinner

...with chicken and veggies en masse.

At the moment I have to write a thesis for uni and haven't had the time to be as active as I would like to be. I also let proper noruishment slide off the radar just a little bit (must have been the stress ;) ). But today something had to give, so I present to you my semi-almost-pretty-much healthy dinner!

Some curried chicken with vegetables sauteed in coconut oil with a dash of coconut milk and a sprinkle of pepper, curcuma and chili.


/ Hühnchen und viel Gemüse.

Im Moment muss ich leider eine Hausarbeit schreiben und hatte deshalb nicht so viel Zeit, um so viel Sport zu machen, wie ich sollte/wollte/könnte ;). Außerdem habe ich leider auch die Ernährung ein bisschen vernachlässigt (der Stress ist meine Ausrede). Aber heute hat es gereicht, also präsentiere ich hier mein fast-aber-doch-schon-ziemlich gesundes Abendessen!

Hühnchen mit Curry und Gemüse in Kokosnussöl angebraten mit Kokosmilch und einer prise Pfeffer, Kurkuma und Chili.

Lecker! ♥


New in

Hey :) 

I got some cool new earrings. I particularly love that they are so ordinary at first glance and then make you go "what?". I saw them on tea&twigs and just had to get them. But have a look yourself:

/ Diese Ohrringe sind neu bei mir eingezogen. Besonders cool fand ich, dass sie ausschauen, wie jeder andere Perlenohrring...aber dann "bäms". Sie sind doch anders. Entdeckt habe ich das ganze bei tea&twigs und musste dann unbedingt auch solche Ohrringe besitzen. Schaut selbst:

I got them here /Kaufen kann man das ganze hier: (or/oder


Cameron Diaz: The Body Book

I bought this book a while ago because I thought that it would be an informative and inspiring read about things that are actually good for you.
Now, I have to say this is not a bad book. However, as I am not completely new to the topic of healthy living, diet etc this book just didn't offer enough for me. Cameron talks about her personal experience a lot which is really entertaining but in the end it's just that: personal experience (albeit from a celebrity).
 I liked that it's divided up into subsections that make sense (however, if you have some knowledge about how the body works, again, sadly, not a lot of new input there). Talking about bodily functions seems to be a trend at the moment (looking at Kimberly Snyder here) and so obviously this book has a whole section on that as well (see foto below).

At the end of the day this is an entertaining book about health and diet which is aimed probably more at people who have never thought about working out and /or feeding their body appropriately.

Would I buy this again? Maybe, because Cameron is really funny. If you are not a complete beginner though, this may not be for you.

/ Dieses Buch habe ich vor kurzem gekauft, als ich auf der Suche nach ein bisschen Inspiration war, um gesünder zu leben. Es ist auch definitv kein schlechtes Buch, aber wenn man ein wenig Vorwissen mitbringt, ist es leider auch nicht ganz so informativ wie erhofft.
Cameron plaudert viel aus dem Nähkästchen, was ziemlich erheiternd ist...allerdings ist das auch nur die persönliche Erfahrung eines anderen Menschen (zwar eines Promis), aber damit eben nicht so wissenschaftlich fundiert, wie man sich das wünschen könnte.
Das Buch ist in verschiedene Kapitel unterteilt, die auch alle relevant für das Thema sind. Und weil das wohl gerade das Trendthema schlechthin ist, gibt es auch ein Kapitel über den Darm (siehe Foto).

Zusammenfassend lässt sich sagen, dass das Buch unterhaltsam ist, die Zielgruppe aber wohl eher Menschen sind, die sich zum ersten Mal mit dem Thema Gesundheit und Ernährung beschäftigen.

Würde ich das Buch nochmal kaufen? Vielleicht, weil Cameron witzig ist. Wenn man aber kein absoluter Neuling ist, dann ist das Buch eher nicht empfehlenswert.


New in

I recently purchased a pair of baggy trousers. I had been looking for some for a while but hadn't found flattering ones (They can make you look a bit massive). So I had almost given up when these lovelies unexpectedly crossed my path. Sadly summer is almost over but maybe I can find a way to make them winter-proof ;)

/ Vor kurzem habe ich mir diese neue Hose gekauft. Ich hatte so eine schon länger gesucht und nie eine gefunden, die auch noch gut saß (die meisten waren eher unvorteilhaft). Ich hatte also fast aufgegeben, als diese Hose sich mir unerwarteterweise in den Weg warf. Leider ist der Sommer ja nun fast vorbei, aber vielleicht kann ich sie ja für den Winter umfunktionieren ;)

They can be found here/ Hier der Link: Object Tilly


Coffee break

 Hey :)

I tried a new Nespresso coffee flavour today. Some of them can be a bit too strong for my taste so I am always on the lookout for new flavours (or maybe I should say milder ones). Today I tried their vanilla flavoured coffee: Vanilio. It's a 6 on their intensity scale and smells heavenly. It's like soft vanilla clouds coming up from your cup, very enticing I find. (Nespresso describe it as unbelievable soft and creamy and I am willing to agree.)
If you own a Nespresso machine give this a try if flavoured coffee is your thing!

/ Ich habe eine neue Nespresso Geschmacksrichtung ausprobiert. Einige Sorten sind zu stark im Geschmack für mich, deshalb schaue ich mich immer ein wenig nach milderen Sorten um. Heute habe ich Vanilio getestet: Ein sehr milder Kaffee, der superlecker nach Vanille duftet und auch schmeckt. Ein wenig hat man das Gefühl, dass einem kleine Vanilleduftwolken entgegenkommen, wenn man den Kaffee genießt: sehr angenehm. (Nespresso beschreibt den Kaffee als unglaublich weich und cremig und ich stimme auf jeden Fall zu.)
Wenn ihr eine Nespressomaschine habt, könnt ihr Vanilio vielleicht auch mal testen!