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So as it happens I moved to Basel. Which is also partially the reason why the blog kind of fell asleep. However, new city new chances, let´s try this blogging thing one more time. 

See you soon


Homemade Gin Basil

My special love affair with Gin Basil started 6 months ago when I finally gave it a try after ignoring it for the best part of a year thinking I wouldn't like basil in a drink. How wrong I was. Ever since, Gin Basil has been an all time favourite. 
So I decided to introduce the drink to my family as well.

I made mine with basil syrup (instead of cane sugar and fresh basil leaves which is also an option) because I thought the syrup would also be a cute present

  • 250ml Water
  • 250gr Cane Sugar
  • Lots and lots of fresh basil leaves (the more the tastier)
  • leave to thicken at a moderate temperature for about 30-45 minutes 

I made a bit more for future enjoyment ;)
Now all you need to do is add together 2cl syrup, 2cl lemon juice, 1cl gin. Shake well and pour over ice in a tumbler of your choice.

This was my result:

Enjoy with friends and family!


Lunch with my mum / Foodie Blogpost #2

I recently finished a PR internship in Munich. I was there for 6 months and always happy to see some familiar faces. So my mum came to visit me for lunch (she was there for a quick visit and back home the same day).

We went to a picturesque little place called ELLA at Munich's Königsplatz.
While I was mainly there for the company (obviously), lunch was fantastic as well.

This was the speciatly of the day. Followed by the even more beautiful desert (almost too pretty to eat):

Also visible are my favourite new sunglasses, which I got off Zalando.

Have a spectacular and sunny day


Things I love - hair edition

Bamboo Smooth Anti Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray

Bit of a mouthful that. But once you get your tongue back under control it really is a wonderful product. At one point I thought I could live without it and set out to buy cheaper alternatives. What a mistake. It did not work out. All the other heat-protectants only reminded me why I love this product so much: It does not make your hair a sticky mess, it does not weigh your hair down (my hair is on the finer side, so weighing it down is an absolute no-no...unless I want to look about 30 years older and tired. For some reason it doesn't really happen). 

It is also still (sort of) affordable. Especially considering that it really lasts a long time. This is my second bottle in about 3 years. Admittedly, like I said I was unfaithful and bought some other products in between, but I did not finish them and returned shame-faced. So I would estimate that you get about a year worth of use out of one bottle of this protectant. It costs €21,99 on Amazon which I think is okay-ish.

This is also a sustainable product, the packaging is recyclable and the brand Alterna do not test on animals. The product is also free of parabens, gluten (which I find a bit odd but they list it and so I included it in this list), sodium chloride, phthalates (another mouthful here) and synthetic colour.

If codecheck is your thing you can check out what they say about his product here. It has mainly 'good' (as in approved) ingredients, but this could be important for some people.

I use this about 3 times a week and it really has made a difference. I'm trying to get my hair to mid-back/waist length and breakage just does not help at all. With all the other products I did not notice any difference, if at all they made the breakage worse (for whatever reason).

This product just ticks all my boxes. For me this is a 10/10.

Have a good day


Random Foodie Blogpost #1

I thought I should make this a category. (I have some others planned as well, I thought it might help me structure in my mind what I want on this blog. It might also make it a bit more interesting as well, because it will be less of a random blurb.) But because I quite like a fair amount of random-ness, this category shall be named:

Random Foodie Blogpost, or RFB for short.

Technically, this is not the first RFB, but as I just made up this new and exciting category let's just start from here.

Today’s RFB is about dinner in the Oberländer Weinstube in Karlsruhe. It is a rather old fashioned restaurant which can feed around 30 hungry people. The interior is also stuck in time, which gives the restaurant quite a cosy atmosphere. This is not a place to go to for a quick bite. Rather, you should pick this place if you want food that is traditional yet innovative and presented lovingly. They also have a wide variety of wines.

Let's have a look at the food then (sadly still sans good camera, the inner paparazza still needs to learn a lot, it seems)

 The menu in old lettering, giving you an idea of what the restaurant is about. I opted for rosé and I love how they presented it. This is what it came in, apprently this is called a stein or bellarmine (referring to the jug btw):

I thought this was hilarious. It literally says "drink wine from stone like your fathers did". It rhymes in German which really improves the humour. A nice touch in any case.

The amuse-bouche 

  My starter.

The starter I was quite jealous of.

The main course. This was pretty fantastic (not that the other courses weren't).

And Crème Brûlée for desert.

I loved how much care they put into the presentation of the food, it really makes you feel so much more civilised about having wine and (too much) food.

So we have come to the end of the first RFB and I made myself hungry again by looking at all of these photos. Off to have some more (slightly less impressive) food.